UPDATE 12-18-14:  Our time is running out but the fight is not over. We are still trying hard to work with the city permit office to allow all moved or relocated houses in Houston to continue to be allowed to use a block and base foundation on grade and not be required to have a poured footing foundation.

Please continue to call City council, mayor's office, etc!!!

Thank you!







We urge all our customers and future customers to call their council member, the Mayor's office, the City Permitting Center building official's office, your neighborhood civic clubs, your community organizers and spread the word to your neighbors and churches. 


Call 3-1-1 for these phone numbers. 


We are a source for low-income housing in Houston and the City is putting this hardship on you, the Buyers.


Thank you! We appreciate you and your business.



Why keep block and base foundations?

One reason is because it has been accepted foundation for more than 50 years.


         1.  Cost prohibitive

            The standard base & block foundation cost is much cheaper. Example: a 24'x40' house has typically 40             footings at a total cost of  $500 for base & block materials

            The poured footings 12” in ground of labor & material @ $160-$200 x 40 footings= $6400 to $8000             approximately.

            This adds great cost to low income buyers which will force many to just continue renting apartments        and not adding that improvement tax value to the City. Our customers are mostly low income, blue collar workers, and most are first time home buyers.  They are adding tax value to parts of  Houston that are largely vacant, overgrown lots. (100% of our customers and homes qualify for the City Impact Exemption for low income housing.)

 2.  Code Requirements

All the houses we move inside the City are already being brought up to the current code as far as Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, etc.

3.  Added Tax Value

These houses are repaired and repainted by these first time home buyers and are a great example of pride of ownership.  They bring vitality back into older, inner city neighborhoods.  Many, if not all, of our houses are usually valued more than what the customer paid for them once they are relocated and added as improvements on their lots.  Buyer have vacant lots valued at $10,000 last year that now are valued at $70,000 with our houses on them.  (Creating more tax money for the city, county and school district.)


3.  Low-Income housing

The City has banned mobile homes from the city limits unless in a mobile home park and moved in houses are the next “cheapest” form of housing for buyers. 

 4.  Precious Land Fill Space

As we save these houses from demolition we are saving land fill space. We already have had landfills close because they are full.  The sellers save demolition fees because we purchase the house and remove is from the property, providing instant clearing of their land to allow for rebuilding and to return tax value back to the land.

5.  Recycling “Going Green”

Relocating these homes is recycling them.  Nothing is wasted.  Houston is all about going green and what not a better way then to save a whole house!

6.  Industry Hardship

These new regulations will put a hardship on our industry.  We will lose customers that just don't have the funds to meet the new foundation requirement.  We may also even be forced to work outside the city limits and only move in the county. The City will lose building permit revenue, tax value revenue, trade permit revenue, operating permit revenue,  and so forth.  (An average of 200 buildings are moved each year in Houston!)