Landowners will be responsible for the following expenses:

Your Estimated Extra Cost in Moving A House in the City of Houston


1. You are required to buy a Foundation Permit from the City of Houston

 Houston Permitting Center 1002 Washington Ave          Cost Varies by Value of House:  $250.00-$350.00

***If you are in the flood zone add another $310.00 to the cost of your permit, plus you will be responsible to pay for a topographical survey ($1,500.00 & up) & 2 Elevation Certificates ($300.00 aprx).                                         

2.  You are required to furnish the City with a $3,500.00 Surety Bond and a signed and notarized Landowner’s          Agreement.                                                                               Cost $140.00

3.  If your lot does not have a driveway, you are required to buy a driveway permit $95.00, install driveway, must be at least 20’ feet wide.  Normal cost for 24” re-enforced concrete pipe $23.00/ft

                                                          20 feet driveway x concrete pipe at $23.00/ft = $480.00

4.  If your lot is inside the 610 Loop the City requires you to install a sidewalk, or you may be able to file for an exemption.

5.  You will have to buy a water meter if your lot does not have one.

                                             5/8 inch Meter $205.00                       Short Tap $1,000.00 & up

                                                1 inch Meter $229.00                        Long Tap $1,500.00 & up

You may be required to pay a deposit of $100.00 to the City for your Water meter account                                                     

6.  Sewer Impact fee to the City $1,900.00.  If the final cost on your house is under $162,000 you can file for an exemption.  However if you are putting a second house on the lot you will need to pay this fee.  The city limits the second house on the lot to be no more than 900 sq feet. For the second house on your property you may be required to file an Application for Water/ Wastewater capacity.  This application will cost you $79.00.

7. In the City you will be required to hire a Licensed Electrician to bring your house up to City Code.                                                           Estimated Cost:         $2,500.00 to $4,500.00

8. In the City you will be required to hire a Licensed Plumber to bring your house up to City Code.

                   Estimated Cost:     One Bath  $3,000 & up      Two Bath  $5,000 & up

9. 2 to 3 loads of Bank sand to be placed under the house, for the house to sit on.

                   Cost per load: $100.00             Tractor Service to spread sand: $75.00 - $125.00

10.  Your lot must be ready for the house.  Trees need to be cut, fences need to be removed, etc, at your cost.

11.  New City Ordinance, after the house is on your lot and before the Final Inspection is called in, You must plant approved trees in the Right-of-Way of your property.  Two trees must be planted if your lot is the standard 5,000 sq ft.  Existing trees can be preserved if they are on the approved list and in the proper places.     


COUNTY LOTS: Harris County Engineers Permit Office

10555 Northwest Freeway Suite# 120 Houston, Texas 77092, 713-956-3000

You need to call Harris County and see what they will require of you to place a moved-in house on your lot.  County Permits will be your responsibility and your expense.